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Taking Philippines Property Professionals Online

One of the biggest challenges for consumers in the Philippines is finding services. Of course a  website is the one of the best tools for it, but the bigger issue is on how to market your internet presence. That is how Property Resource Center can be your friendly neighborhood partner. We can help you further market your business to reach a much, much bigger client base.

Maybe you have a Facebook page…

Facebook is fantastic and you’re probably aware that the Philippines as a percentage of population are the world leaders in Facebook use. Whilst you can reach Facebook friends, Facebook’s reach is very limited compared to the wider Internet. Even if you post on Facebook groups your post will very quickly get lost on popular groups as it moves rapidly down the page and so will only be seen by a few people.


Property Resource Center

Limited Reach

Your Facebook pages are only visible to your Followers. Group posts soon disappear due to volume of other posts from your competitors.  If a Group is popular and has 10 posts a hour, yours will only be visible near the top for less than 30 minutes!


Yes, you can boost your post.  But it’s expensive!  Costs to boost a single post from 500php minimum for just 10 days – and then it’s gone.  Just boosting one post for a month on Facebook  will cost you a minimum 1,500php.

Lacks professional credibility

Facebook is fun!  But you are in business, and serious  businesses demonstrate their credibility with a professional web presence.

Just Facebook!

Yup, sorry about that.  Facebook only 🙁

Unlimited Reach

With a Listing in the Property Resource Center you no longer are limited by social media friends and recommendations from neighbours.  You will massively expand the number of people you can reach who are seeking Your Services!

Great value!

At only 500php a month (and even less if you subscribe to an annual plan) a Property Resource Center listing saves you at least 1,000php a month compared to boosting a social media post.  And it’s there 24/7 for clients who are specifically seeking Your Services.

Establishes professional credibility

All business advisors agree a professional internet presence helps establish your professional credibility.  Also it’s where your clients are at; so you need to be too.

Wider social media reach

Don’t get us wrong, we are fans of social media.  Facebook has its place complementing your professional internet presence.   Your Listing will also be promoted on our Facebook, Twitter and YouTube channels – at no extra cost 🙂

In the Philippines it is not at all easy to find:

architects / builders / carpenters /electricians / engineers / financial advisors / interior designers / real estate lawyers / painters / plumbers / solar energy installers 

The House And Home Property Resource Center aims to provide a one-stop shop.  Even if you don’t have a website or a Facebook page you can still have a listing giving you a presence on the Internet , which is the number one starting point for most people searching for property services.  Consumers like to have a choice.  So it is online too, and ensuring your business is one of the options they can choose gives your business an immediate advantage over your competitors who are not listed online.  A professional web listing  heightens your business credibility and massively increases your visibility and reach to potential new clients who are specifically looking for your services.

Do you have a plan on how your business will survive during this crisis?

Business leaders agree that the businesses who will survive this crisis and be ready to thrive when it is over are those that are online. In fact famous business guru Chinkee Tan said just that on CNN Philippines recently.


The good news is that we will do all the uploading and content editing for your listing.  We do a draft and get your approval before we make it ‘live’.

It’s content is your choice but here’s an example of the detail you may wish to include:



  1. Your logo (if you have one)
  2. Business name
  3. Description of your service
  4. Business address
  5. Business telephone number
  6. Business email
  7. Website
  8. Social media accounts


I have two very special offers for you today.

Firstly, House & Home Philippines believes it’s important for you to be completely happy with your listing and promotion service.  So that’s why they have a really low-cost monthly starter price of  500 php.  Also there is no minimum tie-in, so you can cancel at anytime.

Secondly if you help us to reduce our admin costs by subscribing annually in advance, we are going to give you at least two months free of charge as a thank you. Saving you at least 1,000 php.


Monthly Listing

Annual Listing

Two months FREE

2 Years Annual Listing
Two Years

Five months FREE

3 Years Annual Listing
Three Years

Eight months FREE

CLICK below to subscribe monthly or take advantage of this annual offer and enjoy at least two months free of charge?

Monthly Subscription

Annual Subscriptions

Annual Subscriptions

Our Payment processing for subscriptions is handled by PayPal; the world’s largest secure online payment processing service securely processing about 14 billion transactions a year.

You can pay through PayPal using your debit or credit card. This promotion is managed by i-Net Marketing on behalf of House & Home Philippines.

Once your  your Subscription is processed by PayPal it is non-refundable.  However, you can cancel at any time and your Subscription will be cancelled at the end of your Subscription Period and no further payment will be taken.