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Is coronavirus lockdown frustrating your property sale?

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Across the world countries and communities have gone into lockdown mode as a defence against the spread of the potentially lethal coronavirus. Very few people’s lives are untouched by the consequences whether majorly or in a small way. Young people’s education interrupted, weddings postponed, holidays cancelled and businesses shutdown.  All of us individually have to deal with our own consequences as we unite as communities to protect our families and each other.

So, in the grand scale of this global crisis a delayed house sale is a minor negative. Nevertheless, you can be forgiven for feeling frustrated if you are about to place your house on the market for sale or indeed are already in the process. Always looking for an upside to a situation there are ways you can take advantage of the lockdown and the enforced time in your home to  better prepare it for sale.

That you are probably unable to drive down to your local DIY store does not prevent you from undertaking some fundamental tasks that will definitely pay dividends once this lockdown is over and potential buyers come to view your home.

Something that everyone can do without recourse to any additional resources is to de-clutter! If a potential buyer enters your home and can immediately see the clean lines of every room, light and bright, it helps them imagine their furniture and their stuff in their future home. Conversely if all the rooms are overflowing with a myriad of books, magazines, ornaments photographs, toys and trinkets it can destroy any sense of the space itself. As much as all these items have a personal value to you, just clear them away and store them in boxes or suitcases ready for the move into their new home.

Home maintenance is something that’s not always high priority for many people. However, imagine yourself viewing a property with broken door handles, dripping taps, ripped curtains and cracked tiles. You might consider this property to be ripe for a low offer which you can then renovate to increase it’s value. However, as a seller you want to achieve the best possible price for your property.  All these small repairs are very easy for you to do yourself with the basic tool kit and a can of oil, which most people do have at home.  By undertaking the simple maintenance tasks, you are ensuring that you’re not giving a potential buyer a reason not to buy!

Filipinos typically keep a very clean house and I think the coronavirus has sent many people into overdrive cleaning through their houses. So, accepting that your house is pristine I would still wager that it hasn’t had a fresh coat of paint for many a year. Why not take this enforced home confinement as the opportunity to brighten up your rooms – it will make a huge difference not just to potential buyers but also to you and your family living there during this period of lockdown.

Just be sure not to use oil-based paint as it takes a long time to dry and the fumes are very unpleasant for your family. Gloss coats are now  available as water-based and typically dry in an hour. So, why not get up early one morning, clear a room and have it painted within the day.

If you don’t have a spare tin of paint at home, you can now order online for home delivery from stores such as Lazada.

In summary: de-clutter, do all those minor repairs and give your house a bright fresh look with a new coat of paint. These three things don’t require any outside help and you don’t need to go to the mall.  What they will do is invigorate you and your family to enjoy your home and you’ll be ahead of the competition when the lockdown is lifted, and the house buyers return

Property sold Manila

Once the battle against coronavirus is won and the lockdown lifted you might decide to have further works done on your home which require the help of professionals. If so, visit our Property Resource Center for information on a range of property specialists available to help you.