Brokers & Agents Registration

Brokers & Agents Registration

Gain more Clients – Sell more Properties –  Earn more Commission!


It’s vital  that you have a web presence to be credible in gaining clients.  You may have a Facebook page, but this has limited reach and tends not to feature in Google search results.   Although Facebook is used widely in business in the Philippines, in the rest of the world it’s not.  House & Home provides you a high quality website, accessible in the Philippines and across the world so you can capture local & international buyers.


You work hard to earn your commission – that’s why we believe you deserve to keep it all – 100%.  So we take no commission whatsoever!

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Local Agents with Global Reach

House & Home Giving Local Agents & Brokers Global Reach

Buyers and Sellers who contact you via House & Home will be motivated and more likely to be a productive lead .

Most importantly House & Home will give you massively greater reach to Buyers and Sellers.  The key to you getting a sale for your seller, and helping a buyer find their dream home, is great customer service.  That’s why everything on House & Home is focused towards just that.   We aim to help you present your properties in the best way possible by ensuring all properties have a quality photograph, detailed descriptions and direct contact details.

Social media, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are all great ways to have personal interaction with your clients and followers.   So you can do this easily and quickly,  House &Home  enables you to present your listings on social media in a professional way with one click of a button. Once your listing is uploaded onto House & Home you can republish to Facebook and all other social media, as and when you require,  by simply clicking the icon on your listing. So no more having to spend time typing out all the details of every property individually.

On House & Home you can reach-out on all the top social media platforms with just the click of a button.  Just ONE CLICK to automatically upload your listings to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn!

In partnership we can ensure a great customer experience in buying, selling and renting so you can maximise your time and effort to  earn the commission you deserve.   FREE – REGISTER NOW  TO TAKE YOUR BUSINESS TO A HIGHER LEVEL.