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Benefits Of Condominium Living During A Crisis

Condo in Manila on House & Home Philippines

We are all well aware that we shouldn’t take people for granted. Nevertheless, most people do tend to take majority of aspects of their life and lifestyle for granted. And really this is understandable as life today is so complex that, as individuals, we simply don’t have the time, energy or indeed skills to contemplate every aspect. We flick a switch and expect the lights to come on; turn the tap and water to flow; dial 911 and emergency services to respond.

It is only when we experience a crisis that we pause for thought about our life. This current coronavirus pandemic is causing the whole world to pause for thought.

Of course, when we have a crisis personally or within our family or business, we can at least take comfort in the knowledge that our well established institutions and the government are there to cushion the impact.  This crisis however is the biggest since World War II and whilst most institutions and governments have been able support their citizens some have been exposed as woefully inadequate. In such circumstances people instinctively adapt survival mode and consider the basic requirements of life for themselves and their families: food, shelter and security.

Those lucky enough to be residing in condominiums have appreciated the benefits of condominium living, many aspects of that lifestyle that they previously took for granted.

With well-established property management organisations, condominium living has enabled residents to adapt to the extended lockdown with relative ease.

Condominium security is maintained and supports the Barangay (council) in managing adherence to the quarantine rules for the benefit of the whole community.   Should any resident fall ill they are on hand to arrange medical support as appropriate. In-house water stations and food stores again enhance the quarantine state as residents do not need to leave the condominium complex.

Condo Security in Manila with House & Home Philippines

Condominium management keep residents updated with news and advisory announcements acting as a much-needed counter to the proliferation of fake news on social media that can cause so much anxiety.

Professional cleaning and disinfecting of all communal areas as well as the provision of sanitisers not only helps in the fight against the coronavirus but also provides a management example of maintaining standards during the crisis.</p>

Condo community in Manila

Perhaps most importantly, condominium living creates a real sense of community that is sometimes difficult to develop in a modern city.  The best example of this was the residents of a condominium in Mandaluyong who came together to clap, cheer and whistle from their balconies and windows in support of the frontline workers who, day-in day-out, are battling to defeat the spread of the coronavirus.

During this crisis residents may reflect that one of the benefits of condominium living that they previously took for granted, but which was now a real benefit, is the sense of community.

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