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Why you need an architect in Manila

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You have got your plot of land and you’re excited to get on with building your dream home. You are already visualising in your mind’s eye and your builder has assured you that he can draw up the plans. Great, that will mean a big saving on hiring an architect, and anyway the builder tells you an architect in Manila is not really necessary as he has access to the most up-to-date software packages for design.

Well, I suggest you just pause for thought. Take a moment  to consider the value an architect can bring to your project.

Whilst there are many first-class builders and construction engineers in Manila it is highly unlikely that they have the full skill set of an architect. There are many stories about those who build their own home relying on their builder or construction engineer to draw up plans, only to discover some way into the development  that he is not fully aware of all the appropriate regulations. Resulting in wasted time negotiating with City Hall officials, re-drawing up plans and sometimes even reworking of the construction already undertaken; all in all, resulting in delays, stress, and increased cost.  Oh dear, as promised savings evaporate along with your tears, you are facing unexpected projects cost possibly jeopardising your dream.

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Being an architect is far more than being able to design a building using a software package!

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Architects are one of the few professions that require a high-level of creativity and analytical approach – a real left-brain / right-brain combination.  Their imagination needs to explore the boundaries of creativity to deliver the design of the home of your dreams. They also need to balance this with a very clear understanding of all the technical aspects of building as well as an  up-to-date thorough knowledge of building regulations and City Hall planning guidance.   Once the design is approved, they will ideally carry on supervising the build itself.

As in many professions there are generalist architects and those that may specialise in niches. Such as shopping malls, terminal buildings, schools, condominiums, green projects. Some architects may opt to design in a certain style in which they feel most comfortable, for example contemporary, traditional, Balinese, or European. However, whilst architects may showcase a selection of grand projects on their website, it does not necessarily mean that they will not undertake small projects such as designing your dream home. Many architects enjoy the range of challenges that their profession offers.

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So, whether you are looking to build a hotel in Manila, country house in Tagaytay, or a mountain lodge in Baguio, there will be an architect that is just right for you. View hiring an architect as an investment!  Your architect smooths away headaches that you never even knew you were going to have.

For architects in Baguio, Cebu, Davao, Manila and across the Philippines check-out the Property Resource Center on House & Home Philippines.